The Mετα εnsεmblε consists of three young musicians and their unusual combination of instruments: saxophone, viola, and harp.

The Greek prefix ‘Meta’, meaning ‘with, going beyond, change’, puts to words the unique character of the Meta ensemble. The musicians take the listener along, far beyond the beaten paths of the musical landscape. The ensemble pushes boundaries by putting existing repertoire into a new context as well as performing new music that emerges from collaborations with composers. Their search for new repertoire happens with an open and creative mind.


The Meta Ensemble performs a great variety of repertoire that goes from classicism, through jazz, romanticism, and impressionism to contemporary music. The ensemble thereby attempts to fulfil their mission by constantly exploring the possibilities of this formation and pushing the boundaries of the music they play.


The three partners of the ensemble met each other in 2014 at the LUCA-School of Arts Campus Lemmens in Leuven (Belgium) during their education. Immediately, a friendship began through their shared passion for music. In 2019, they decided to let their musical knowledge and experience grow further: the Meta ensemble was born. The young ensemble had the chance to work together with internationally renowned artists and mentors, like Anneleen Lenaerts, Marc Tooten and Mariano García.


Saxophone: Cédric Delvaux

Viola: Xavier Timmermans

Harp: Judith Soumillion